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Ask Bashful Dan | Bashful Dan

Ask Bashful Dan

I’m here for YOU! I really want to know what your concerns and issues are, what your questions are.  Get it off your chest and blah blah blah blah blah.  Ask away!


  1. Martha,

    I know growth is inevitable, but I’m concerned that property values and taxes will rise so high that we will wind up like Vail – a place where the natives can no longer afford to live, and even the people who work there can’t live there….I suggest that you motivate developers to create more affordable/low income housing with tax benefits for the developers. I’m not a developer – never have been, never will be, just concerned about housing as Sandpoint grows.

  2. Jeremiah,

    Dan, I really appreciate your feeling that we are all stakeholders in Sandpoints future. Do I like that fact that there are more people, traffic, big box stores and traffic…..did I say Traffic twice? NO….but we can’t go back. Sunset Magazine insured that. Just be a voice that Protects our Future and allows us all a chance to have respresentation that understands skiing Schweitzer before it was cool……..and the need for growth. We have no choice, we are on a LAKE. And thanks for all you do………”Go Dawgs”

  3. Tom,

    What’s bugging me? All these people that keep arguing but never get anything done. It seems like they spend more time on CYA than they do on moving us into the future. How long have we been grinding on this bypass issue? Long enough to lose years of motel tax dollars and create an eye sore. Everything is getting more expensive all the time. Do it or get ready for constant gridlock downtown.

  4. R. Thompson,

    What’s up with the Panida and the Sandpoint Reader? I go to a forum to learn about candidates and they don’t allow people to hand out info on the panida property? How stupid is that?

  5. Dan,

    Hi Martha. It’s already happened. Property taxes are based on fair market value and newcomers found our prices to extremely affordable compared to where they live. When they paid more and more for our properties, our assessments went up and therefore our taxes. When Governor Risch and the Idaho Legislature removed the schools M & O off our tax bills most folks got around a 20% reduction. That’s a start not a cure. You need to get in touch with Bob Chenault and Larry Young and some of the others that work year-round to reduce our taxes. My email is and I would be happy to put you in touch. Affordable housing has many components that will provide different types of relief and together will add up to solutions that make sense to most of us. Check out my comments on Affordable Housing at and the other candidates for that matter. and finally, developers working together with citizens and local and regional governments will part of the solution too. Thank you for your comment. Dan

  6. Dan,

    Hi Jeremiah…thanks for your comment. I don’t mind the big box stores out in Ponderay. They employ local folks and that job may mean that they can take their kids fishing, go to a movie a few times a year, and have some dental or health coverage for themselves and/or family. They contribute to the local community in other meaningful ways. I still get stuff for my building from Merwins Hardware store and not just because it’s a lifelong habit. I shop at Larsens too. And finally, skiing or boarding or tubing at Schweitzer is still pretty cool. Back when I was on the ski patrol I think my Head 210′s were about nine feet long. Thanks for your comment. Dan

  7. Dan,

    Hi Tom…yep, it sucks when a guy on a bicycle can pass you on the south end of the long bridge and beat you through town when the summer traffic is backed up like my great Uncle Homer. It’s going in at the logical spot. It won’t solve all our traffic problems but it is DEFINITELY part of the solution. An extra lane past the Chamber going north should be done yesterday and there are already more solid answers that should be implemented as quickly as possible. There’s tons we could say about it – we need to quit talking and start doing something sensible. I am tired of the posing too. Thanks for being interested Tom.

  8. Dan,

    I’m pretty sure I know which Thompson you are and I think this one is a no-brainer. Whoever decided that candidates or their reps could not hand out campaign literature in front of or in the building at a function that has the purpose to give info to the public missed the mark on this one. I was told that they did not want to have to go up and down the rows of seats picking up discarded campaign literature. I’m not sure that would have been a big whoop. I hope you got one of my handouts. I’m pretty sure any voter could find something on my list that connects us. Sure hope so. Thanks for venting….(smile) Dan

  9. Jerry,

    Hey, a friend of mine who was at the Panida for the Candidate Forum told me you schooled the group. Sorry I could not be there. You have my vote, just don’t let them suck the life out of you.

  10. Dan,

    Hi Jerry…I’m pretty sure none of the candidates or elected officials onstage “schooled” anyone but I love your comment anyway. We had one minute to answer questions. The last thing I did in a minute or less was order dessert. I hope people go to and read my answers to the issues and check out my resume and come to the conclusion that I am qualified to serve in a sensible manner. I know I have ALWAYS put Sandpoint first. Thanks again for your comment…you made me grin.

  11. Jack Douglas,

    To The Many Good People Of Sandpoint:

    Greetings from Bonners Ferry.

    I support Dan Young in his quest to become a Sandpoint City Council Person.

    I want people to know why I support Dan for Council Person on the Sandpoint City Council. I have known Dan for several years and we have worked on some great projects in that time. I like to think that at 56 years of age I have grown enough to size people up for what they are really worth, at least most of the time. Many people say they care, but I have seen many times that Dan Young really cares. I have seen Dan time and again drop what he was doing to rally for someone or some cause that needed him.

    I serve as the Boundary County Prosecuting Attorney and for the last three years, have been the President of the Bonners Ferry Chamber of Commerce. I have been able to call on Dan to assist the Bonners Ferry Chamber of Commerce and others at local events in Bonners Ferry, even when he had to juggle events in both Sandpoint and Bonners Ferry on the same day. Most people don’t know that. Some people probably also do not know that Dan does these things for free, and Dan has always refused efforts in Boundary County to either pay him or at least cover his gasoline costs. I would guess Dan came to about 10 meetings and/or community events here in Bonners Ferry in the last year at my urging and that this involved considerable expense and effort. When Dan comes, folks, he often brings his sound equipment, Christine and little Alex. I watch to see how a man interacts with those around him and it speaks well for Dan that Christine and little Alex adore him.

    It is truly my pleasure to support Dan in his race, as he has always been there for so many others. Of course, Dan has been at many events in Sandpoint and has been instrumental in getting statewide recognition for Sandpoint and Bonner County as far away as Boise. These are things that I know personally and frankly, I almost don’t see how he does it, but yet he does. Dan is the kind of person we need in government. I like to tell people that ultimately, we get the government we deserve. Government is like most things, you get back out to serve you about what you are willing to put in. In this case, vote for Dan Young. It is well worth the few quick minutes it costs to vote. Be a caring person and help bring about solutions. I endorse Dan Young without any equivocation whatsoever and I strongly urge you to vote for him on November 6th. Thanks for taking the time to read my thoughts on this matter.


    Jack Douglas
    Boundary County Prosecuting Attorney
    President of the Bonners Ferry Chamber of Commerce

  12. Dan,

    Jack…I appreciate your comment. The events we support in Bonners Ferry and Coeur d Alene are part of the theory that we can connect our region by connecting with the people that strive to interact and strengthen their community. We have talked about this alot over the years. If we can just get people talking to each other we can come up with some regional solutions to the challenges we have and the ones to come in the future. Thanks again for your comment…Dan

  13. Bill Mayer,

    Dan, I am recently transplanted Californian but have been following the local politics and venues daily since I first came here about 5 years ago. I attended the Panida Candidate Forum and listened attentively to all questions and responses and, as a result, have formed some opinions and have actually decided on several of the candidates. Initially, I was quite turned off by your manner or answering the questions presented to you. However, as the evening progressed, I could see how fervent you were about the miriad of issues confronting our little city of Sandpoint, which I love dearly. What I have decided, is that, although you don’t have specific answers to many of the City’s problems, you are very energetic and enthusiastic about working towards solving those problems. Someone needs to be on the Council that “shakes things up a bit”. You seem to have a visionary way of looking at the big picture and are not bogged down with the petty politics. You will give a breath of fresh air to the Council and you have my vote Dan.

  14. Bren,

    What is bugging me?

    That many folks think the Mayor has the last word. Like he can veto or something. Almost all the complaints I hear about the Mayor are not even his to own. The stinkin City Council votes and he takes the fall ONLY because they don’t understand.

    How do we educate the town folk about this?

  15. Dan Young,

    Hi Bren,

    I have sent this over to Ray and asked him to comment HERE. But, you are correct. Four council members vote and win. Mayor only breaks ties.

    Thanks for your comment.


  16. Bryson,

    This really doesn’t have to do much with Sandpoint, but whats the deal with the flashy new Idaho State Police vehicles? Did all that money I (we) paid to the state really go to new Dodge Chargers? Is that necessary spending of State Money? I dont really know. Oh, let me know who to contact to get one for myself… my car has been taking a beating and the “cool-factor” of mine is now zero. hoho!

  17. Dan Young,

    Hi Bryson,

    Need help during the weekend. Not after. You should call me Saturday during daylight hours (you remember those, right?). I don’t know what’s up with the new cars but you’ll be able to get a closer look and check out the ride next time one stops you. I do have some facts and figures about how many cars and state troopers there are per county, etc. and some other cool stuff that I learned when I participated in the last Citizen’s Police Academy in Sandpoint.

  18. Anna Shuster,

    There will be a Table Captains Meeting for the Sandpoint Friends of Scouting Breakfast.
    Meeting is Monday May 5th 5:15 at Sullivan Homes. 223 Cedar Street in Sandpoint. (Up from Nieman’s Florist)
    Please be prepared to provide a list of contacts you have made concerning the breakfast,
    and who will be attending. We need to get a head count, and send reminders next week to
    those attending to the breakfast.
    I truly appreciate all the support that you have given to this fundraising event.
    We will be working on some promotions in the next few weeks.
    Thanks Again!

    Anna Shuster
    Inland Northwest Council BSA
    David Thompson District

    Dan, need to get a real e-mail address for you!

  19. Christine,

    Great Job on the Lost in the 50′s Street Dance!

  20. Carolyn,

    Hi, I’m not sure this is the right place to ask, but no one knows the answer to a question I have, so here it goes…at the Lost in the 50′s Street Dance I thought I heard you mention a Beach Dance at City Beach, did I hear you right or am I losing my mind? If I did hear you right, when will it be held? And by the way I loved your 50s dance!! It was rockin’!
    Thank You!

  21. Teresa in Portland,

    Hello Bashful Dan-
    I was recently touristing through Sandpoint and have been wondering ever since who Bob Lindeman is and why the Pace Yourself artwork was chosen to commemorate his life. Please satisfy my curiosity! Thanks.

  22. Bashful Dan,

    Hi Teresa,

    Bob Lindeman went straight to Heaven after leading a life as an Angel on Earth. In the fall of 2004 our Rotary Club President, Ryan Luttman suggested that we add an art feature to the Rotary Clock Tower by the Jeff Jones Town Square at the Farmin Park.

    Bob was an artist, a long time leader in the arts council, and a Rotary brother to us. How cool is it that Tammy Farmin won the honor of creating the art considering that the Farmin name goes back to the birth of Sandpoint?

    Bob was the man who sat at board meetings and would ask people not for their resume but rather “tell me what you’re passionate about”. He understood that you should slow down and enjoy all that we have in this area. He knew that life was the journey and not a destination.

    We all loved Bob Lindeman and guess what? We still do.

  23. Bashful Dan,

    Hi Carolyn,

    Sorry about this late, late, late answer to your question. I could not for the life of me remember making that announcement during the street dance and then lo and behold I was moving sound and light equipment around in the tubs and stuck to the duct tape on an extension cord was the announcement.

    It was billed as the 1st Annual Sandpoint City Beach Block Party and Roller Disco and featured deejays boomerang and shag. Sponsored by City of Sandpoint Park and Recreation Dept they proclaimed it would be a day for dancing, bbq, and skating!

    I never had a chance to talk to Kim Woodruff at Park and Rec but I will definitely have it on my radar next May 2009 and I will invite Dj’s Boomerang and Shag to the Lost in the 50′s Street Dance where I will have them each introduce a song and promote their fun, fun, fun, party.

    Bashful Dan

  24. Devon,

    Hey there! its Devon Ellsworth i hope you remember me from back in the day! i am living in california now and am going to be attending college in the fall to become a firefighter! im super excited. hope to hear from you! i miss sandpoint

  25. Richard Sprinkle,

    I was raised in Priest River,left when I was 16 and wanted to return until this day. I could write a book on P.R. Sandpoint and all of the times long ago. Not to even mention adventure from Africa to Alaska. But my heart remains on the lake. I recently sent a buisiness card to the Birds via a trafic stop in hopes that they would look at my website – – My patented invention removes pollution left by autos and industry so that it will not enter the environment . My dream is to rebuild the old downtown area of Priest River as neer to original as possible. I am a very wordy story telling individual and have more to say than I know how to write. Please look into what I have in depth. I can use all of the help I can get. I am convinced that my invention is an asset to mankind.Thank you, Richard Sprinkle

  26. Dan,

    Hi Devon

    I can’t believe you left me a note. You can also email me at anytime. I bet everything is going great for you. You are so amazing and make friends easily. Plus, you’re an terrific athlete and volunteer. Keep those reports from the Sunshine State coming!

    Big Hug,
    Bashful Dan

  27. Dan,

    Hi Richard

    You need to be a wordy guy. You have a lot of interesting things to communicate. History of the area, adventure stories from A to Z, and EPAco is extremely interesting as people increase their awareness of green technologies. We have only one planet – we should all be looking for ways to improve it. Looks like you have applied your experience and passion to a business that can improve our quality of life on this rock. Send along anything you like as a Word Attachment and I will help publicize. Meanwhile folks…check it out at
    and let me know what you think. p.s. I like good stories Richard. When you are in Sandpoint stop in at the corner of Third Avenue and Pine Street at the Rainbow Realty building and hang out with us for awhile.

    Bashful Dan

  28. Richard Sprinkle,

    Make no mistake I am a wordy guy, just not much of a writey guy. I’ve been telling storys to my poor wife for over 40 years and she is still hearing new one’s. I will be in the Priest River, Sandpoint area Sep. 4th till about the 8th and will make a point of stopping in. We as a family of mom pop and 5 barefoot tobaco chewing barefoot hillbillies got off the( Great Northern) train in P.R. in Oct. 1943. That was my start of learning survival OJT. I can tell stories that even I have a hard time believing. I can clearly remember cruising the streets in Sanpoint in my 1949 Chev.convertable (with 1955 Dodge burgandy and black design) lowered and looking cool. I was 14 (that was my 3rd car) At the same time working as a gandy dancer on the Great Northern. When I get EPAco funded I want to restore the old downtown Priest River. Now is time for me to payback for all the good times and keep the lake clean. Richard

  29. Steve,

    Here’s whats bugging me. When a DJ decides its a good idea to play ” I kissed a girl and I liked it” at a Kindergarten through 6th grade dance. What on earth made that seem like a good idea? You are ridiculous.

  30. Dan Young,

    Hi Steve,

    Thanks for your comment. It is not the first time that I have played a song that someone found offensive. I was threatened at a Fairgrounds dance by a couple of guys who told me that the song “YMCA” “…is gay..”. I had a Mom at a middle school dance get a little crazy because I would not play the song “Bitch” when it was in the top 10 and after all her daughter and their friends could hear that word on a sitcom. Here a few of the other songs that people have complained about while they threw beverages on my sound system, knocked cds onto the ground, or shouted profanities: “Don’t Worry Be Happy” “Greased Lightning” and “Grandma Got Run Over By a Reindeer”.

    Here is a link to the lyrics from Greased Lightning AND here is a link to a story about how ashamed Katy Perry’s parents are of her song:

    Katy Perry’s song was number one on music charts all over the world and many people have said that it promotes a homosexual lifestyle. Others say that it reduces kissing a girl to a “fad” and many of those comments are in the link above. Others say that it is a popular song, with a tune, that’s fun and easy to dance to … It is for each person to decide.

    We did what we always do at the school dances and turned down all of the rap songs even if we had a clean edit version. We filtered out the really hard rock and other songs that were too limited in appeal or more appropriate for some other occasion.

    You did not like the song choice for whatever reason and it makes sense to me that you took the time to comment about it. The truth is that I have volunteered to provide free music and light shows for schools, organizations, and community events for 16 years and that’s over a couple hundred events. I can honestly say that I have tried to make wise choices about the music that I play. I am not trying to be perfect in an area that is so completely subjective but I try to have a good batting average.

    Again, thanks for your comment Steve. I don’t think you would have taken the time if you did not care about the kids at the dance. I appreciate that reason.

  31. Marcus Stevens,

    The song sucks. A lot of songs are pretty crummy and make it to the charts and get played. That’s the way it is and probly won’t change. Nobody complains about Barbie Girl song. To call Bashful Dan ridiculous is ridiculous. He volunteers for everything and he doesn’t even have a kid in that shcool.

  32. Bobby,

    Yeah, he’s ridiculous. He screws up the muisic at the fun run, 50s street dance, long bridge swim, fairgrounds, football games, soccer games, winter carnival, and oh, wait a minute, NOT! He makes things fun and free. How ridiculous is that?

  33. Steve,

    Fair enough. I can appreciate that if you tried to play music to appease everyone, you would have a very quiet show. Here’s my concern in a nut shell. It is for the moral integrity of my kids. I have a hard time steming the constant onslaught of homosexual lifestyle and moral relativism. I am not an extremist by any means, but I AM a Christian that finds it very disconcerting the things that are becoming a social norm. No one would enjoy a song about pedophilia. How ever, we play a song such as Katy Perry’s. Would a a song about molestation be a hit? Maybe not right now, but songs about killing people are all over. It is hard to provide a defense for “I kissed a girl and I liked it.” I suppose my moral premise is founded in what my dear mommy told me. “Whats popular isn’t always right, and what’s right isn’t always popular.”

  34. Aunt Sis,

    I was at that dance and what I noticed was that every single girl on the floor knew all the words to that song. Music and lyrics need to be discussed at home between children and parents. That is where values are learned. Kids are not going to learn their values at a 90 minute dance. I saw my daughter singing the song and dancing and we talked about it later. She just thought it was a fun song and did not see any larger theme behind it. It was dismissed quickly but it reminded me that parents have the most time with their kids and should be aware of what the kids listen to and the videos they see at each others homes. Dan has volunteered to help us raise funds at our school year after year and he has a full time job. He supplies everything for nothing. It’s hard to imagine that he does this to try to find a way to offend us with music.

  35. Dan Young,

    I think Steve is making a point and not attacking me. Truthfully, I wish more parents cared what music their kids are listening to and what music videos they can view online. The biggest problem I see is that parents will not take a leadership role in their childrens lives when it comes to spiritual guidance. The hard work we do as parents is the most important job we will ever have, right?

  36. Christine Bottenfield,

    Steve might be surprised how alike he and Dan are when it comes to issues like this with kids. Did you know that Dan has taught K-4 Sunday School for years?

  37. Bashful Dan,

    Guess I should have given this it’s own page. Pretty much the last thing I’m going to say on the subject as we look ahead to the March on Meth and Cancer Relay for Life stuff is this: Steve took the time to make more than a valid point. He has stood on his truth and his faith. Instead of making comments about what Dan has done or not done maybe we could refocus that energy on parenting and kids, faith and values? Have a great day.

  38. Trisha,

    There’s a larger point to be made here – if such songs (books, movies, etc) did not exist, then how on earth would kids (with their parent’s help) learn to assess and make reasonable intelligent decisions on what is right/wrong or good/bad? If everything is censored, and kids are not exposed to other cultures, beliefs, and ideas, then they never learn to understand others and themselves and the differences between the two, nor to find common ground when necessary.

    What a terrific opportunity for discussion Dan provided to everyone!

  39. Steve,

    Ok ok. So I overrreacted. Dan is not ridiculous. I apologize for that comment. I appreciate everyone’s points here. I sincerely believe that Dan is trying to provide the best time for everyone, and I appreciate the hard work he puts into the community. Thanks for that.

    P.S.- I still hate the song though. :-)

  40. Kevin B. Merwin,

    This is Kevin the drummer for Broken Together. We have our last day in the studio tomorrow and I’m wondering how do we get it on the radio here in Sandpoint? We want to share it with the community. Also how do we get into the Festival?
    Thank you for your time!

    By the way we have over 3.1 Million views on MySPace now. We think that the Unity For Christ tour is really going to be big as we spread the word.

  41. Dan,

    Broken Together is on the verge of changing more lives than the band members could probably have ever imagined. Broken Together, a Christian band from Sandpoint, Idaho located on the shores of Lake Pend Oreille and at the base of Schweitzer Mountain Resort, is about to start their Unity Tour 2009.

    You can email and and and and see about getting on the air with an interview and play a song or two maybe. The Festival at Sandpoint is a tough lineup to break but you should visit with Dyno at 265-4554 to discuss the possibilities to participate. 2009 is the 27th Festival at Sandpoint and will be bring excitement and creating memories August 6th through August 27th with 8 incredible concerts. Stay tuned.

    Bashful Dan

  42. Brett Brown,


    I am finally visiting your site. You are an amazing person and I am blown away by your commitment to your community. I know you were a huge hit at the Canine Caper and I can’t wait to see you at the Bonners Ferry Swish. I am so glad to know you.

  43. Dan,

    Hmmm…not an amazing person but I definitely believe that serving your country and your community is a terrific way to spend your personal time. You and the dedicated volunteers, organizers, and sponsors in Bonners Ferry create connections and foster new relationships between people with every event you do. Most people know that I am a lifelong Republican. I visit with the Laura, Democratic Central Committee Chair, every week. She will be sharing the MC and DJ duties at the Cancer Relay for Life on June 12th at the Bonner County Fairgrounds with me. Laura and I both know that everything that really matters begins and ends with “community” and “connections”. By working together at events we send that message in a visible way. The Canine Caper was great and the Swish will be rockin’ too.

    I will mention that Marty Becker raised nearly 1,000 dollars for the Cancer Relay for Life. If a group of Bonners Ferry people want to participate in the Cancer Relay on June 12th – they can!

    The Relay for Life Committee said that IF Bonners Ferry puts together a Community Team to participate from 6 pm on Friday June 12 thru Noon on Saturday June 13, 2009 – they will CREDIT the $100 registration fee from the funds Marty raised. SO if there was a Bonners team all they have to do is

    1. go to and sign up the team from their computer. 2. Individuals go to the team page and click on JOIN MY TEAM. 3. They create personal website in minutes. 4. Send emails asking for 5 bucks (any amount). 5. Come to the event and setup their campsite in the Main Exhibit Hall (the theme is: Cancer is Not a Game). One member of the team needs to be walking around the indoor track at all times during the relay. 6. There is lots of entertainment, activities and so forth and they can bring friends and family to hang out too.

    Anyway…something to think about and its for a good cause and you could use it to promote all the wonderful events in Bonners Ferry.

    See you soon … Bashful Dan

    p.s. if people want to participate that will be out of town but near a computer you might consider my team at where they can be part of it without being at the event.

  44. Al Kiefer,

    Hey Dan! Thanks for organizing an awesome website. I’m coming up to Sandpoint for the 4th of July weekend. I’m going to the Jesse Colin Young concert at the Panida July 3rd and, thanks to your website, watching the parades on the 4th. I’m thinking about driving up to Bonners Ferry Saturday and maybe checking out Duke’s Steakhouse at Ponderay (mainly because of the sign “You don’t need no teef to chew our beef”!) Any suggestions of where I should eat and what I should also do while I’m up there this Friday or Saturday? Thanks for your help! Al from Spokane

  45. Dan,

    Bad news Al – Dukes Steakhouse is closed and the building for sale. The good news is that you will starve in Sandpoint over the weekend unless you are overwhelmed by the array of outstanding choices for food and drink that await you in Sandpoint and the surrounding area.

    From Greenwich Village in the 1960′s to Sandpoint, Idaho in 2009, Jesse Colin Young ( ) has certainly made it worthwhile to drive up even if there was not a million other reasons to in town this weekend, Al.

    Since you will be here on Friday 3 July you can plan on stopping by Rainbow Realty at the corner of Third Avenue and Pine Street and help decorate a couple floats (j/k). You should plan on stopping at the Winery on Cedar Street to check out Steve and Julie’s new batch and celebrate the Anniversary of their deliciously successful wine business. On Thursday night you might want to try appetizers at one restaurant, main course at another, and beverages at another so that you can maximize your experience.

    Panhandler Pies on First and the Pie Hut on 5th will satisfy a craving and you can take one back to Spokane. Try a breakfast at Mitzy’s 5th Avenue restaurant in the Quality Inn on 5th after Safeway on the morning of the 4th. Lots to pick from and Crystal will take care of any special order. You’ll be full when you stop at Heavenly Latte on 2nd and Cedar and then watch the kids parade at 9 am followed by the “Celebrate Sandpoint” parade at 10 am that features “Mr. Sandpoint” Ernie Belwood as Grand Marshall. Spuds on First to grab some food for the day-long free entertainment at City Beach. Explore the shops downtown after the parade and stop by the corner of First and Cedar to hear Peter Lucht performing live. Later you should grab the tereyaki strips and artichoke parmesean appetizers from The Hydra and take them with you to City Beach for the Fireworks at dark.

    Take your chairs and a picnic basket to Dover Bay Marina on Sunday at 2 pm for the free concert on the lawn with “Bright Moments”. There is a small convenience store, public swim beach, and restaurant at the Dover Bay Marina.

    Oh, don’t forget to snag some brew from laughing Dog for your friends back in Spokane who partake. After they sip a little they will definitely put you back on their Christmas list.

    Otherwise, don’t try to do too much in one weekend – Sandpoint will still be here all year round. You might want to consider bringing bikes to enjoy are many miles of bike paths and the long bridge.

    Have a great time Al.

  46. Al Kiefer,

    Hey Dan! Thanks for all the good advice about what to do and where to go in Sandpoint over the 4th of July weekend. I had a great time up there! The folks at Laughing Dog were most hospitable — I even brought a bucket ‘o beer (Huckleberry Cream Ale) home with me. The parades were fun (sorry I didn’t get into town in time to help with the floats!) and the fireworks in City Park (and around the lake) were amazing. I had a nice dinner at Spuds, a good breakfast at Connie’s next to the hotel, and good sales at Larson’s. I even stopped at Heavenly Latte and said “Bashful Dan sent me” — whereupon they immediately started to make your special drink, a caramel something-something. They apparently thought I was getting a drink for you — which I would have gladly done if I’d only known just where you were in all the parade festivities! I should have known you had a signature drink! So I had to drink it myself — iced! And thank you, Sandpoint, for air-conditioning in the Panida! That made a pretty awesome Jesse Colin Young concert that much more comfortable. Thanks again for steering me to some great times in your city. I will definitely be back soon! Al

  47. Julie Imholte Lind,

    Dan – I am originally from Sandpoint and happened upon your site. You sound like a great candidate! I wish I could vote for you!

    I am a political consultant in Arizona and I know we need more great people to get involved in government and city councils are great places to start.

    I tell people all the time that Sanpoint is the most beautiful place on Earth, but they shouldn’t move there because I intend to return one day and I don’t want it to be too crowded! I would especially like to return if they have a great council there. It makes everyone’s life better!

    Again, best wishes on your victory!

  48. Dan,

    Hi Julie

    Did you go to SHS? You’re right about Sandpoint being the most beautiful spot on earth to many of us. I wish you could have voted for me too (smiling) but the race was over a year ago and even though I did not win a council seat; the people of Sandpoint won with the involvement of so many candidates who were all very qualified and informed. Michael Boge held the seat I was vying for and my wife and I were at his home about 30 mins after the polls closed to visit and wish him luck (that he did not need). You can reach Michael and all of our elected city officials through the City of Sandpoint website.

    Hope you make it back home soon and that it is everything you remembered and more.


  49. Julie Imholte Lind,

    Missed that Dan. Sorry. Run again – it takes a couple of times. I graduated from SHS in 1983. I’ll check back on your website, though, sounds like you’re still doing great things for a great community. I love reading Marianne Love’s blog, too. Touch back is important.

    Again, sorry about the date mix-up. And do think about public office, people with your energy and love of community should always be in office.

    Bye for now!

  50. Dan,

    Thanks Julie. I was about 10 years ahead of you at SHS. You’re right about Marianne Love’s blog – it is outstanding. She was a student teacher my first year at SHS and she possessed a wonderful capacity for identifying kids that did not quite fit in and finding ways for them to participate that made those high school years bearable and memorable. I have always been deeply grateful to her for being then – what she is today – a caring and compassionate mentor that has touched the lives of countless students and continues to affect them as adults. I guess I’m saying: You have excellent taste.

    Meanwhile, our political behind-the-scenes activities are starting to gather momentum as the fundraising has begun and the primaries are around the corner. What type of political activity do you focus on in your corner of the world?

  51. David Ramsey,

    hey dan this is Dave Ramsey.. me, Jesse Grilley, Jeremy Grilley, and Chase Grilley just took first place in your men’s open basketball tournament at bonners ferry and was wondering about the pictures or where i go to see them or if there even up yet?

    I dont know if this was the correct place to ask you but I didnt know where else to go to ask so i left a comment about it here, lol.

    So just get back to me if u could on where the pictures are so i can look.. Thanks

    Dave Ramsey

  52. Charlie bagley,

    Hi Dan,
    My name is Charlie bagley,
    I am building Lawrence wasdens campaign site.
    I would like to use some of the photos you have of him.
    Possibly your comments.
    What do you say?

  53. Dae,

    hey looking for the Lost in the 50s photos you took. where could I find ‘em?

  54. Dan,

    I never heard back to see if you followed the Facebook link to the pics? Anybody have a delicious cupcake or three during the holidays? :)

  55. MonikaAParsons,

    Read this comment carefully – it’s not on topic it’s just a little something to give you a smile and say thanks for your hard work on this forum! A gentleman is a man who can play the accordion but doesn’t. :)

    Source: article post

  56. Dan,

    Hi Monika

    I smiled.


  57. Deon Bezuidenhout,

    Hi Dan

    You seem to be a very well known and popular person in your community. If I could chip in with my 1 cent’s worth: Keep up your good work. People really need someone to stand up and take the lead.

    I just want to find something out with regards to a website that says that you are writing internet articles for them. is the web address.

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    Thank you
    Deon Bezuidenhout
    Cape Town
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  58. Dan,

    Hi Deon,

    Yes! Ellen and the team are the “real deal”. I fell for a couple of deadend online scams. The scammers either wanted “my” money or “free” articles. You can contact me at for more.

    You can proceed with these folks with complete confidence. The testimonial you read was not solicited. They did not ask for it. I offered. They did not compensate me in ANY way at all. Nothing.

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    Pretty cool annual promotion & an example of where you’re writing can take you.

    Good Luck & keep me posted please,

    your new friend in Idaho,

  59. Derek,

    Hi Dan, I was referred to you by Jan Leas with the Events Center. Can’t seem to find a number for you so would you mind giving me a call at 928-242-0637 (still have my AZ cell)?

    Jan told me about something you are doing that I am also interested in.

    Thank you!

  60. JP,


    Please call me about setting up the sound in Farmin Park on the 15th for the Police memorial. Lost your phone number and you are not in the book.

    290 5364

  61. Gordie Zealand,


    If this is you, it’s Gordie, how are you? Please give me a call xxxxxxx


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