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Hot, Passionate, and Not Afraid to Color Outside the Lines

Jeff Jones Town Square MuralHot, passionate, and not afraid to color outside the lines describes her.   She labored in 90 degree weather while we discussed her passion for art and she carefully worked glaze around a wall decorated with “Bugs, Butterflies, and Wildflowers“.

The name “Auntie Lynn” is spoken affectionately by kids at Washington Elementary and the Sandpoint Charter School.  Lynn Guier is the Artist in Residence who teamed up with 3rd and 4th graders from Washington Elementary to create a colorful mural that will be unveiled at the Fountain in Jeff Jones Town Square on Friday, September 2 at ceremonies scheduled for 5-7 pm.

Stop by the event and for a small donation you can participate in the art that will eventually appear on the south wall of this location.  It’s something to show the grandchildren decades from now.   Sandpoint Mayor Gretchen Heller’s appearance will underscore the City of Sandpoint’s appreciation and the Bonner Daily Bee will be on hand to commemorate the event.

 Auntie Lynn’s guilty pleasure is not feeding her bandy chickens, collecting eggs, or struggling in her garden at the Hoodoo Mountain hideaway she shares with hubby.  It’s sneaking away to the Coeur d Alene Casino to play Keno.   She tells me that I would not be impressed with her investment portfolio.

The truth is that I am impressed with her investments.  In fact I can name quite a few.  They attend Washington Elementary School and the Charter School.   She may gamble away a couple bucks on Keno but she is betting the future of art on kids.   Planting an early appreciation for art and creativity will produce a generation of community members who appreciate a value in art that some say is difficult to measure.

I don’t think it’s that tough.  Drop by the Town Square on Friday and you can use my yardstick — add up the smiles and compliments.

What’s next for Auntie Lynn?  By the end of September 2011, she will have a bunch of excited kids working on a “Welcome to Sandpoint” mural that will appear on the backside of Monarch Mountain Coffee.

I don’t know anything about art.  I know what makes me say, “Two grand for that???? You must be kidding”.   But I also know that creative kids, murals that brighten your mood, and caring adults are priceless.    Are you wondering what to do if have some extra cash and love what ya see?

I hoped you would ask.  Join the Arts Alliance as an individual member or cut the fat check and be a superstar member.   Or you can land somewhere in between and still get a virtual swag bag of art goodies.

I know that every time I make a 2:00 a.m. trip to put bubble bath in the Fountain at the Jeff Jones Town Square  I will think about Auntie Lynn.   Her commitment to kids and community.  If the tickling sensation of Mr. Bubble doesn’t make me smile a mural called “Bugs, Butterflies, and Wildflowers” will do the trick.

Thanks Auntie Lynn & Big Hug!

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