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Divine Intervention

Dear Friends,

I need help raising at least $1,500.00 dollars.   I have a friend named April that has received a long awaited and unexpected chance at life.   The financial burden has shrunk from a few hundred thousand to this last bit of need.   Time is running out and I am making a public appeal for the remaining funds to cover hotel and meals by the Mayo Clinic.  All of us have our own stories of adversity.  Each of us has stared into the abyss and it has stared back at us.  Many of you forward touching, inspirational, and poignant examples of challenges overcome and needs unmet.   In all the time I have known April I could not explain all the medical adversity she has faced because she was always courageous, kind, concerned about others and never elaborated on her constant brush with death.   I never heard complaints only concern for her husband, family members, and friends and the sacrifices that others would make due to her never-ending health problems.  Two days ago I asked April to write me a letter telling me about her medical journey, how she discovered an Angel, and allow me to share her story.   I have edited out some of the really personal stuff, added links, and did some underscoring and bold print.  I did not describe the extend of my sharing to her.   This is April’s story in her own words.  Read more »

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