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March, 2011 | Bashful Dan

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Discover Technology at Sandpoint Charter School

Danger Will Robinson.  Danger.

You remember “Robot” (yep, that was his? name) from “Lost in Space”?  School has come a long way baby since I was learning math on an abacus.   I remember screwing up a birdhouse in wood shop.  I showed it off anyway.

Sandpoint Charter School students will look back on 2011 as the year they started building robots in school.   In the future they will look back and laugh.  The way we do about “Pong”.

Discover Technology founders Dr. Lorna and Dr. Paul Finman gave students at the Sandpoint Charter School a thrill and a challenge.   Their $5,000 grant will fund a robotics laboratory that comes with a dozen robot kits, 12 laptop computers, and curriculum.

A big deal in a small town for sure.  It’s dwarfed by the enormous contribution this couple has made to planting the seeds of science and technology.

Discover Technology (DT) has provided over a half a million dollars in grants to dozens of robotics teams throughout Idaho.  DT makes it possible for over 3,000 students to participate in a robotics program with their funding.

Discover Technology is also providing the opportunity for Sandpoint Charter School teachers to receive training through the prestigious Carnegie Mellon Institute this summer.   We had a different melon institute when I was kid.

There’s plenty more to share so I slapped the entire press release on it’s own page right here at Bashful Dan dot Com.  Check out the amazing story and just imagine how one or more of these young people may contribute to the world down the road.

I may not be able to see that far down the road.  Lorna and Paul Finman see the road, pave it, landscape it, and populate it with dreamers.

Domo arigato,  Mr. & Mrs. Roboto.  You’re an amazing couple.

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