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Bowling Dogs Halloween Bonners Ferry

Who let the dogs out?  Here is some info from Rhonda and the gang from Canine Capers about a fun event in Bonners Ferry.  Check it out!

Hi friends, relatives, neighbors and all those crazy enough to know me,

This Halloween our animal rescue group is having a Bowl-a-thon to benefit our Second Chance Animal Adoption rescue group.  I have to admit that since moving to Bonners Ferry, ID I am so proud to have met the small group of people that I work with to provide homes and medical care for stray and abandoned animals in our county.  We have worked so hard in the last two years and we just purchased the property that our Thrift store is located on and we are applying for grants to build a small shelter on that property.  This is something that this podunk town has long been in need of and never had.  Our dream of a shelter is finally possible and in sight.

This Halloween the local bowling alley made us a great deal and we are hosting a Bowl-a-thon to raise money for the shelter.  The way this works is that you sponsor a bowler, for any amount of money that you choose.  All donations are most welcome.  I don’t do this kind of thing, asking for cash support but then those who know me know that I will do just about anything to rescue animals in need.  The way it works is that you email me with a pledge amount.  You can mail a check or pay through paypal on our website, either way works.  The PO Box is listed below and our website is (click on the donation button).  Please make check payable to SCAA and mark on the memo bowl-a-thon.  I know that these are difficult financial times for all of us and so please don’t feel that I expect anything.  I just wanted to let you know what I was up to and if you can help in any way, great!

You are all people that mean so much to me in my life and so in no way do I have any expectation so no worries.

Wishing you and your pets a wonderful Halloween!


RhondaRhonda Hamerslough, EdD
Executive Director, Second Chance Animal Adoption
PO Box 1925
Bonners Ferry ID, 83805
208~946~9076 ~ work cell
208-267-2815 ~ thrift store

Until one has loved an animal….
part of their soul remains unawakened

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