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July, 2009 | Bashful Dan

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Man on the Moon

It’s reported that 2 out of 3 Americans shared the historic moon landing with Walter Leland Conkrite on that summer night back in 1969.  We shared so much with Walter who was apart of our shared history for most of our lives.  His recent passing caused many of us to pause and reflect on how entwined our personal histories are with our American history and we are reminded that we lost a member of the family and trusted newscaster.   

My Mom and I were at our unfinished cabin in Green Valley Lake, California between Big Bear and Lake Arrowhead watching the first men step on the moon which was outside our window beyond the rabbit ears of our ancient black and white television.  The only other person to share the night Mom and I was our friend, Walter.

Veterans of the 1st Moon Landing have encouraged our President and all Americans to reach for Mars.  To explore and investigate a new world.   It’s an expensive proposition and yet a majority of Americans want to reach out to the worlds beyond our own.   When most of us our experiencing our darkest financial times, do we still dare to dream and yearn to travel among the stars?   I wonder.   Looking back is important, educational, and valuable to us.  Looking ahead requires commitment and vision.  Walter said that the best of us would lead and we would follow when talking about the men on the moon back in 1969.   Men and women have led – will will follow?

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