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May, 2009 | Bashful Dan

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6th Annual Canine Caper

John Steinbeck said:  “I’ve seen a look in dogs’ eyes, a quickly vanishing look of amazed contempt, and I am convinced that basically dogs think humans are nuts.” 

The folks who participated in the 6th Annual Canine Caper on Saturday, May 9, 2009 in Bonners Ferry, Idaho were definitely crazy!   Crazy for their dogs (that came in as many sizes as the kids that eat Armor hotdogs ) and excited to participate in a fun 5k walk under shocking blue skies, whipped cream clouds and along the lazy Moyie River.

The funds raised all go to the 2nd Chance Animal Adoption, Inc. a 501(c)3 non-profit group.   Their mission statement is:  “We strive to act as faithful stewards for all abandoned, lost, homeless, and abused animals entrusted to our care in Boundary County, with the ultimate goal of finding lifelong, loving homes for every one”.

There was a lengthy list of sponsors from throughout the community lead by Dr. Marty Becker and his boss Theresa that enabled the Canine Caper Club to create an awesome events where over 100 incredible dogs were able to walk their humans for an outstanding cause.   There was terrific information on hand from http://www.petconnection.com/ along with vendors, Border Bob’s BBQ, a Rotary Club Rummage Sale, food, drinks, dog photos and the contests.   Prizes and awards were given for the prettiest female, most handsome male, smallest, largest, best dressed, most talented, most physically fit dog, the dog who most resembles their human and Best in Caper!

Alex the Tigerboy (my son, my sunshine), made a new friend named “Gary” and they walked together.   After the event, Boundary County Prosecutor Jack Douglas (who started this event 6 years ago) and I checked out Border Bob’s chow and while he and Alex were talking about the walk and the dogs.  I snuck off with Eric Ridgeway, Founder and Race Director for the “Long Bridge Swim” into the Rotary Club Rummage Sale where we both scored some great deals on some terrific items.  The Long Bridge Swim on Saturday, August 1st, is another event I Emcee and Deejay every year and I would encourage you to check it out and sign up the whole family.   I will be in Bonners Ferry for the SWISH 3 on 3 street basketball tourney on August 8th and 9th this year.  The music will be set up directly across the street from Gary & Billie Warnick’s “Blast from the Past” 1950′s Soda Parlor and Candy Emporium.  Alex and I stopped by for ice cream at this authentic soda parlor that was playing stacks of wax from back.   Alex thought Mom might like a Mother’s Day gift that does not melt so we visited the cat that Helen and Stephanie Chase keep on display among the linens, lotions, candles, and all the bath and body stuff at “Tucked Away”.   This was the best smelling shop I’ve been in and since we’re boys and do not really understand what Mom would want Alex just got a little something for a friend and we decided that Mom would want us to have another ice cream cone.

Alex talked about the dogs all the way home and through the rest of the weekend.  He wanted to watch Disney’s “The Kid” so we could see Chester – the greatest dog in the World!  He fell asleep dreaming about a best friend that would share all of his adventures.  Just like the one he had in Bonners Ferry, Idaho at the 6th Annual Canine Caper to benefit 2nd Chance Animal Adoption.   There is a Canine Caper photo album at my Facebook site and also on my MySpace site where you click on the word “pics” and it will take you to my photo albums where you will also find an album from last year’s FUN RUN and SWISH.  There is a video on my Facebook site and it is also on You Tube where you can watch it or download. 

Dr. Marty Becker said it:  “There’s only one greatest pet in the world, and every family has it.”   Thanks to everyone for being so welcoming to us.  We will see ya for the Fun Run and the Swish.   We would love to see YOU at the Cancer Relay for Life in Sandpoint on June 12, 2009.  I will MC the event for 18 hours.  If you would like to participate it’s not too late to have a Canine Caper and 2nd Chance AA Team.  Marty has already raised enough money that the if you were to form a couple teams, the registration fee would already be credited (I am on the Committee).   The funds already raised would be credited to your Bonners Ferry team(s) and you could have a lot of fun while helping to CELEBRATE – REMEMBER – FIGHT BACK.   If you are going to be out of town, cannot make it to the Relay for Life but would like to participate you should definitely check out my Virtual Team which is actually called “Virtual Reality“.  

Enjoy the pictures and video – it’s free. 

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