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Cheerleader, Class President, Salutatorian, and Addict

“… I lost my children, I lost my family, I have gruesome scars covering 56% of my body … and I nearly lost my life”.   Shelly Oldum told her compelling story of March Against Methmeth addiction and survival to an overflow audience at the Sandpoint, Idaho Community Hall on Thursday, March 26, 2009.   Dr. Gary Hopkins summed the world of meth addiction as “absolute chaos”.   CC, a former Sandpoint LPO student, described growing up with parents who shared an addiction and operated a cooking show that is very different from Rachel Ray’s.   At 15, she used meth for the first time, hooked up with a 29 year old boyfriend, and was one of the lucky ones that is now able to celebrate a “quit date” of October 13, 2005.   There were poems, testimonials, and graphic slides showing the burns that Shelly wears from the house fire that started at her meth cooker while her husband and four children were sleeping.   It seemed to me that the biggest threat is the unintential use that comes from someone adding it to your drink.   The next largest threat is the party or friend that says everyone is doing it...why don’t you just try it once?   I wondered today, Read more »

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