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February, 2009 | Bashful Dan

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Holding Out For A Hero

Here is Bashful Dan Young’s Stimulus Package.   The International Special Olympic Winter Games 2009 will turn its spotlight on the Closing Ceremonies tomorrow night from 7-9 pm in the Idaho Center in Nampa, Idaho.   I dare you watch in person (ticketed event) or television and not be inspired.   My bank account is empty but I refuse to complain when their are riches all around us.   Did you see the looks on the faces of the fans cheering their athletes to finish line?  That is Hope that you can believe in.   Did you see the grown men watching that shed tears?   That is a changed heart and that my friends is Change that you believe in.  The pride, the determination, the smiles and the applause are free.   It does not cost any of us a penny to open our hearts and minds and allow ourselves to be optimistic.   We’re Americans and we will survive the hard times and before you complain about one more thing in your life; let yourself be moved by the individual stories of the athletes.  Read more »

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