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Divine Intervention Part II

I received an update from my friend April in Bonners Ferry and I am going to provide it right here, right now. Please read the post “Divine Intervention” to get Part I of April’s story. You can also check out the link to RuralNorthwest – News. Here is more of April’s own words as she stands at the edge of Miracle.

Dan, I thought that another letter from me might help some of the people who think I am getting a free hand out because of who I am married to. I am my own individual. I usually get introduced as.. “This is Jack’s wife, or this is the prosecutors wife. ” This happened all the time during his campaign for judge. It also happened on the ruralnorthwest web site. I was introduced as ” Prosecutor’s wife being Angel MedFlighted out.” It is like I do not have my own identity. I do. I am April Douglas. I am the wife of Jack Douglas. I had independence etc, but life’s course changed mine. So, I feel it would do me well to write a letter to those who think I am getting a “win fall” because of whom I married. Not true. Jack never even knew of all the research I did until it was over. That is the God’s honest truth. Most people do not know that there are two sites, yours, and the rural northwest site in which I was interviewed.

Let me know if this update will help. Read more »

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